Will The Lust For EVs Ultimately Lead To A Scorched Earth Scenario?

First of all, think about all the brands and carmakers that are committing to becoming BEV companies in increasingly tighter schedules. Renault sold its combustion-engined business to Geely to get rid of the liability. Engine factories are being converted into battery plants. If massive batteries are not the right solution, these guys are doomed.

The automotive industry is highly complex and works on long-term projects. If any carmaker changes its plans right now, we will only see the results in three years or more. It is like betting everything you have on cards that may prove to be insufficient to win the game.

Hugo Spowers made a webinar on June 11, 2021, in which he talked precisely about that. According to the Riversimple founder, legacy automakers and startups keep telling you that battery electric vehicles are the only solution for two main reasons.

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