Will you give me a minute to talk about a job position?

Why is it so hard to find service writers? Or Salespeople? Or qualified technicians?

It’s a jobs gap.

It doesn’t make sense, though. Our industry pays pretty well. Certainly better than average! So, why is it hard to find people?

I think there are plenty of people out there who want to work in the auto industry, and there are plenty of open jobs for them.

So why the jobs gap?

Because dealerships and repair facilities are advertising their jobs in the wrong places!

And worse, when qualified candidates are looking for jobs, they get buried with listings that have nothing to do with the auto industry!

Try searching Indeed for “master technician” Here’s a search that I did:


There are 15 jobs on the first page, and only 5 of them have anything to do with the auto industry. And one of those is for a PDR Trainee!

When I searched, the results I came up with were for an Operations Technician at Hearst Media, a Manufacturing Technician at Avara Pharmaceutical, a Food Engineer and Seeds N Snacks, a Pharmacy Tech at the Veterans Health Administration, a locksmith, etc.!

Indeed, Glassdoor, Linkedin, and Ziprecruiter are not the best places to advertise jobs in our industry.

What we need is one place. Once job listing site that is for the auto industry only. It would be for employers to post their jobs so that qualified people can apply anywhere in the country. And it would be for job-seekers to post their resumes and get discovered by an employer.

I couldn’t find one specialized enough to help me find the right people.

So, I set out on a mission to create one.

We’ve spent the last two years putting autojobsnow.com together, and we’re just rolling it out.

I genuinely believe that this is what our industry needs.

Something specialized
Something unique
Something that is one destination

I invite employers to post your FREE job on AutoJobsNow.com.

I invite employees to post their FREE job on AutoJobsNow.com.

Let’s build this together.

Let’s create something that will make a difference in our industry.

Will you do me a favor? Watch this whiteboard video that may answer some questions?

Click the image below:



Thank you,

Glen Pavlovich