With DIESEL In SHORT SUPPLY And At NOSEBLEED PRICES, WHAT Chance Is There That These Politicians Have ANY Chance Of Lowering Inflation Without HUGE Changes?

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The world’s diesel market is once again flashing signs of chaos, undermining the global economy with a fresh bout of inflationary pressure.

Powering trucks, trains and ships that drive industry, the fuel is commanding huge buy-it-now premiums in Europe.

It’s been rising steadily here in the USA and without question it’s a big reason why consumer prices are rising so quickly.

And if you have a diesel car in say California, you’re screwed.

We hear the talking heads rambling on in their political ads about abortion and January 6th but we never hear their plan for reversing inflation, lowering gas/energy prices and so many cost of living items that are KILLING the average American.

So if the status quo continues, how is their ANY possibility life will be improving for the little guy/gal?

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