Yellowstone’s Bet Dutton DUMPS Her MERCEDES-BENZ! She’s Got A NEW BAD BOY In The Stable Along With Rip. Can You GUESS Her Choice?

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The mildly popular (KIDDING!) Yellowstone series is back for a 5th season. And so far, it’s even MORE bombastic and shocking.

And of course leading it all is the QUEEN of drama Beth Dutton, played by actress Kelly Reilly.

She had driven a Mercedes S63 Coupe up till this season but now she not only has her bad boy husband Rip, but ANOTHER bad boy as well.

Bentley must have ‘PONIED UP’ (see what we did there?) bigtime and this season she has a new Continental Coupe.

If you’ve never watched it, you’ll either love it and her or hate both.

We fall in the love it/her category.

Here’s a couple samples to watch and make your own decision…

And tell us is that the perfect ride for her or would you have picked another?

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