Porsche Offers Up A Rooftop 2 Person Camper For The 911

This article was originally published https://www.autospies.com/news/Porsche-Offers-Up-A-Rooftop-2-Person-Camper-For-The-911-111226/.

A couple of years ago, Stuttgart’s premier automaker shared the story of a Porsche 911 enthusiast named Brock Keen who added roof racks and a tent to his Carrera 4S. If Porsche approves, then so do we. But while the Cayenne may be a better adventure companion than any of Zuffenhausen’s other products, the German automaker has been thinking out of the box and has even provided a rooftop tent for Taycan EV owners who wished to take part in an exclusive Porsche Experience.

Now, Porsche is going a step further by offering a two-person tent directly to customers. This looks awesome and should be the perfect accessory for the upcoming 911 Safari/Dakar.