Strategies to Address the Worker Shortage & Nuclear Verdicts

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July 8, 2022

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What are the two most important issues facing fleets — particularly trucking fleets — today? The shortage of workers, not just drivers, and nuclear verdicts. In this episode of Fleet Momentum, Fleet Group editor Chris Brown connects with Cyndi Brandt, VP of fleet product marketing for Solera, to discuss new ways to tackle these issues.  

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Topics discussed:  

  • What specific types of workers are affected?  
  • The growth of nuclear verdicts.
  • How companies can protect themselves.
  • Types of video tools and how each can foster safety.
  • What is “convergence” and why is it the next big thing in video?
  • What non-traditional recruiting efforts companies can pursue? 

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0:00 Intro
0:57 About Solera, Omnitracs and eDriving
1:34 Digging into the worker shortage
2:10 Nuclear verdicts and lawsuits
2:45 How to protect the company
3:38 Creating a safety culture
4:24 Video safety & telematics
7:21 Convergence: the next big thing?
8:58 New ways to recruit workers