Dealer Marks Up Toyota Corolla Morizo Edition To $152,000

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The Toyota GR Corolla Morizo Edition is a track monster wrapped up in an angry little hot hatch suit. It’s also a limited edition so at least one dealership in Maryland has seemingly decided to try and gouge Toyota’s customers as hard as it can. It’s asking $152,000 for its Morizo Edition which happens to be just shy of three times as much as MSRP!

As a quick reminder, the Morizo Edition includes sticky Michelin tires, about 100 pounds less weight, and 295 lb-ft (400 Nm) of torque as opposed to the 273 lb-ft (370 Nm) in the normal GR Corolla. It doesn’t have any more power but it does have fewer seats (2 only) and fewer speakers (also 2 only). Toyota is only building 200 of them for the 2023MY.

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